Spotter Spyros PETS
Gespot in Thessaloniki, Greece
Datum 18-05-2024 23:58

I found this beautiful Maybach GLS at a seaside bar. I asked the valet if it's okay to take photos, and he didn't mind. I made less photos than usual, though, because I didn't want to piss them off by approaching too close to the cars. Anyway, this one has been spotted at the Porto Carras hotel.

Auto details

Topsnelheid 250 km/u
Acceleratie 0-100 km/u 4.80 s
Vermogen 557 pk
Koppel 730 Nm @ 2000 RPM
Gewicht 2685 kg

Aantal reacties op deze spot

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    ITALY Nico21  - 19-05-2024 om 01:38

    Looks very elegant in blue, great catch!! 😁

  2. Profile pic
    GREECE Spyros PETS  - 19-05-2024 om 20:18

    Thank you! 👍

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    FRANCE mtgt  - 20-05-2024 om 00:26

    What a find, the blue suits it so good, it's great to see GLS600s in Greece! 🤩

  4. Dit is niet ok

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