Spotter Big_Marx pixelsbymarx
Gespot in Ljubljana, Slovenia
Datum 21-05-2014 18:53

Top spot for me, only 7 Mustangs Roush Stage 2!! Incredible find for my little Slovenia! I'm not really big fan of American muscle so I don't really like it, but consider it's so rare I'm kinda proud. O yea sound... there is no word to describe that brutal ROARING sound, is like beast would shout haha.

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    CZECH REPUBLIC daweRS  -  21-05-2014 om 19:20

    Nice find man! :)

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    SERBIA gotti_belgrade  -  21-05-2014 om 19:51

    Nice find. Phone pics again?

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    SLOVENIA Big_Marx  -  21-05-2014 om 20:24

    @Gotti: yes because this is spotted when I'm not outside with reason such as spotting. If I wouldn't do phone pictures I would miss it and never see it again. That's why in past years you didn't see so many spots from Slovenia. Because when I go out with proper camera to SPOT there is no car haha, but when I go with phone doing other private stuff I always find something, so yea I will definitely spot a lot more with phone this year, but as I said before, if I will spot some actual exotic like I dont know Aventador I'm ready to run across downtown to get DSLR. But so far I got only AMGs and stuff so phone is okay in my opinion.

  4. Dit is niet ok

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