Spotter JBE Crew
Gespot in Pijnacker, Netherlands
Datum 29-06-2006 11:19

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    FRANCE bentman  -  25-01-2016 om 23:38

    wow? 67000!!! Are we authorized to do that????

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    CANADA dare2drive  -  26-01-2016 om 00:30

    Why so many views for that spot?? Holy shiit

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    FRANCE fanbuga75  -  31-01-2016 om 16:08

    @JBE Crew Why this sudden number of views ??

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Gib295  -  07-02-2016 om 19:21

    I think he cheated

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    NETHERLANDS theviperhunter  -  27-02-2016 om 11:09

    hoezo bijna 69000 views voor deze Bentley?? Ik snap het niet, wat is er zo anders aan deze Bentley in vergelijking met alle andere spots?

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    AUSTRIA CHSLinz  -  16-04-2016 om 15:00

    @bentman @dare2drive @fanbuga75 @Gib295 @theviperhunter

    Either this is some kind of glitch on AG or the spot was linked somewhere else.. Kinda fun that now an old ass boring Bentley is the most viewed spot on here.

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    SWITZERLAND  -  25-04-2016 om 21:34


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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Gib295  -  09-05-2016 om 00:05

    I think someone used a program that sends many "bots" to this spot so the server detects the number of bots and add the number to the views.

  9. Dit is niet ok

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