Spotter Hoosier_Exotics monroecountycars
Gespot in Bloomington (IN), United States of America
Datum 09-02-2023 01:57
Camera iPhone 12 Pro
Diafragma f/1.6
Sluitertijd 1/2300 sec.
Brandpuntafstand 4.2 mm

The final upload from this crazy day of cars when car enthusiasts joined for lunch back in October 2022 and my 600th post! I spotted this stunning super rare black SRT Viper TA (1of 159) parked in the lot on 4th street near Chow Bar restaurant and Qdoba Mexican Eats. Next to is Viper owners buddy’s car and in the background is this crazy Hellcat and from another shot is the crazy wrapped 570s Man this thing has so much presence in person! It’s crazy since I saw a red Viper the day before and I was thinking about what if I saw an SRT Viper and I ended up seeing my first SRT the next day after! I saw this on a social media story @indie_cars and was like oh shoot it was an SRT Viper and rushed over to check the area and was so hype when I saw they were still their and was so glad I caught it! One of my best spots of the 2022 along with the Ford GT, 458, and GTR Pro! Just an already very fun day for cars!

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    FRANCE mtgt  -  09-02-2023 om 03:02

    Amazing spot 🤩

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Jjrivero  -  09-02-2023 om 04:02

    Awesome spot John! Great combo’s, especially with the 570s. What car did you take photos of first? I’m still waiting to spot my first “newer” gen Viper. Congrats on sotd.

  3. Profile pic
    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Hoosier_Exotics  -  09-02-2023 om 04:30

    Thanks guys! @Jjrivero I took shots of the Viper first since it’s so awesome. I actually don’t have the first few shots I took uploaded. I actually came back to the Viper a few different times to get better shots when opportunities opened with the sun peaking out and when the Audi moved I captured the side shot with the McLaren hiding in back! Overall a very fun day!

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Lambo_Spotter  -  09-02-2023 om 04:31

    Very cool find! The shot with the 570 looks awesome. Congrats on the SOTD.

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    NETHERLANDS Carspotter-Arjan  -  09-02-2023 om 06:16

    Awesome spot!

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    ITALY Dalzzz  -  09-02-2023 om 06:23

    Stunning Viper! Epic spot dude!

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    NETHERLANDS Dylan.  -  09-02-2023 om 07:35

    Amazing find and congrats on your 600th post!

  8. Profile pic
    NETHERLANDS Jeroen  -  09-02-2023 om 08:26

    Awesome ride!

  9. Profile pic
    NETHERLANDS Chieltje  -  09-02-2023 om 11:58

    Look at that, finally it's online! Great find man, absolutely stunning to find this!

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    NETHERLANDS tk97  -  09-02-2023 om 12:08

    What a rare super snake. Amazing spot and what an awesome group of cars together.

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    NETHERLANDS Rover-Spots  -  09-02-2023 om 16:50

    Incredible find mate! Congrats on your milestone and well deserved SOTD!

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    NETHERLANDS JHA  -  09-02-2023 om 17:32

    Wow, Awesome spot mate!

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    NETHERLANDS Exclusive_Spottertje  -  09-02-2023 om 21:36

    Congratulations on your 600th spot and Congratulations on the Spot Of The Day! Awesome SRT Viper TA 2014! 😍

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    NETHERLANDS carspot0541  -  10-02-2023 om 00:27

    Congratulations! Sick spot!

  15. Profile pic
    UNITED KINGDOM davileon  -  10-02-2023 om 09:47

    Congratulations on the milestone. 👍 Brutal 😡 spot it is.

  16. Profile pic
    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Horse-Power  -  10-02-2023 om 12:59

    A huge congrats on your 600th Spot, John. The Viper is truly a great choice to celebrate this awesome achievement. Shots are dead on. Have a great weekend, buddy.

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    Ferrari-Lamborghini Fan  -  10-02-2023 om 23:25

    Insane spot and spec , congrats on your 600th spot and SOTD !!!!!!!!!!!

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    NETHERLANDS  -  12-02-2023 om 11:46

    Very cool spot!

  19. Profile pic
    SLOVAKIA davidko15  -  12-02-2023 om 18:18

    Amazing spot!

  20. Profile pic
    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Mountainspotter  -  18-02-2023 om 03:56

    @Hoosier_Exotics Congrats on this incredible spot John! A great spot for this impressive milestone.

  21. Dit is niet ok

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