Spotter TFJJ tfjj
Gespot in Chertsey, United Kingdom
Datum 19-03-2015 16:26

OMG.............. Mclaren F1 GTR Longtail that has been made road legal and what a sound it makes! We couldn't believe our luck when we saw this! (Re uploaded with better video)

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      nylo1112  -  19-03-2015 om 16:28

      Epic spot! *-*

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      SPAIN adri99supercars  -  19-03-2015 om 16:41

      Nice spot, awesome car!!

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      HUNGARY ShaytonSky  -  19-03-2015 om 17:14

      Damn what an epic spot!!

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      NETHERLANDS JeffreydeRuiter  -  19-03-2015 om 17:38

      This is just insane o.O Epic find!!

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      BELGIUM NVDS  -  19-03-2015 om 17:41

      Awesome spot!!! Already a very early candidate for spot of the year for me!! Just insane!!

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      SWEDEN Lange  -  19-03-2015 om 18:34

      Spot of the YEAR! What an amazing spot!

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      GREECE Spyros PETS  -  19-03-2015 om 20:13

      What the fuck? Only a week after the F1 GTR.

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      NETHERLANDS mick-superb  -  19-03-2015 om 20:21


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      SWITZERLAND Nico K. Photography  -  19-03-2015 om 21:12

      Epic Spot!!

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      NETHERLANDS Style  -  19-03-2015 om 21:35

      Epic! Will see it this weekend;-)

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      NETHERLANDS thomcarspotter  -  19-03-2015 om 22:26

      Too insane for words.. SOTY candidate if you ask me.

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      UNITED KINGDOM TFJJ  -  19-03-2015 om 22:56

      Thanks everyone!!

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      NETHERLANDS lenny.  -  20-03-2015 om 19:41

      Amazing spot, could be Spot of the Year 2015!

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      NETHERLANDS Jochen  -  27-03-2015 om 19:54

      Is this real?

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      BELGIUM Tom Da Man  -  28-03-2015 om 11:06

      Razend cool, maar de bijna Duitse perfect uitgekiende eenvoud van de serie-straatversie ontbreekt hier compleet. Dat zou niet erg zijn omdat de toevoegingen wel functioneel zijn voor een racer. Maar het is een straatversie geworden... Dus toch maar liever gewoon de originele straatversie, liefst in het hemelsblauw of oranje.

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      SPAIN Jordii93  -  12-04-2015 om 02:03

      One of the spot of the year sure,so amazing!

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      GERMANY SMA Photography  -  29-04-2015 om 17:02

      TFJJ why so bad video quality??? but nice old lady , If I the loud Sound ones had got a fright I honestly said also so, but she knew not even what for a car is. Really mega of rare expensive supersports cars.

      *Translate from German to Englisch*

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      jastrzab  -  22-05-2015 om 22:35

      I think I know my type in the SOTY competition!

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      jastrzab  -  13-01-2016 om 15:52

      Voted for spot of March. I'll probably also vote for this spot as a world's spot of the year. The video - 0:48 - 0:54 and the sound from 1:07 - this make it extraordinary outstanding! Beats very easily even a Gumpert Apollo from Germany! Insane job and luck!!! Did you know/meet the owner?

    20. Dit is niet ok

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