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Gespot in Bordeaux, France
Datum 23-01-2021 18:49

A friend had just told me that he came across an SF90 accompanied by 2 Roma near this commercial area. I was there when he warned me, we parked in the parking lot to go to Ikea and I saw a yellow spaceship coming. I quickly took out the camera (fortunately I had it in the trunk). I didn't even have time to activate the autofocus... but it was a nice surprise. I had already seen 2 Asseto Corsa but never a "normal" one. In this tri-layer yellow it is incredible and the combo with the Roma is beautiful. First one spotted in France. Instagram: @Gtrs_supercars

Auto details

Topsnelheid 340 km/u
Acceleratie 0-100 km/u 2.50 s
Vermogen 1000 pk
Koppel 800 Nm @ 6000 RPM
Gewicht 1570 kg

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    FRANCE Aloskey_Carspotting  -  23-01-2021 om 18:52

    WOAW ! Incroyable ! En combo avec une Roma en plus ! VRAIMENT bravo !

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    FRANCE mtgt  -  23-01-2021 om 18:54

    @Aloskey_Carspotting ouais c'était incroyable aha. Ca a clairement refait mon tour chez Ikea

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    FRANCE maxpredator911  -  23-01-2021 om 19:06

    Cool de revoir tes spots sur le site !

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    FRANCE maxpredator911  -  23-01-2021 om 19:08

    Et vous connaissez la différence avec la asseto corsa ?

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    SPAIN adri99supercars  -  23-01-2021 om 19:15

    Very nice!

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    FRANCE mtgt  -  23-01-2021 om 19:35

    @maxpredator911 merci et oui ca me fait plaisir de pouvoir reposter a nouveau j'étais banni je sais pas pourquoi pendant 3mois
    Et nan a part la livrée je sais pas

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    FRANCE cross74  -  23-01-2021 om 20:26

    Cool en jaune.

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    Ferrari-Lamborghini Fan  -  23-01-2021 om 21:44

    Wow nice in yellow color and combo !

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    NETHERLANDS JeffreydeRuiter  -  24-01-2021 om 11:06

    Epic find!

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    HUNGARY PcArzenal  -  29-01-2021 om 12:46


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    UNITED KINGDOM Miles A.  -  29-01-2021 om 21:24

    Nice duo!

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    Creative Car Spotting  -  23-07-2021 om 20:52

    Really nice!

  13. Dit is niet ok

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