Spotter superfast arielz2405
Gespot in Jerusalem, Israel
Datum 12-10-2017 10:20

One of 12 In the world.Not "only for Russians" any more ;).I wanted to spot this R8 since it landed here after the purchase in Russia.I knew the car was in a Hotel near by at that day and waited there for awhile because the security didnt let me in.At one point i decided it was enough and went to eat some Subway XD,going back to the spot i heard a roar and understood it was it.Owner was really nice-he opened the door mid drive just to let me photograph and then let me sit in the car that is number 5 of 12.What a day!

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    superfast  -  12-10-2017 om 10:38

    @A.V Photography

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    Maxiss  -  12-10-2017 om 18:26

    Congratulations! We had two Phantoms in Chelyabinsk, but now it's sold to Moscow @superfast

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    LuxurySpottings  -  12-10-2017 om 18:52

    Nice spot :)! However, is the owner still a Russian :p?

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    superfast  -  12-10-2017 om 19:09

    @Maxiss,Maybe it is one of them but I am pretty sure not,The car was here since 2015 but Stayed in the customs for more than a year and a half(the car is a 2012 and came here in 2015,You can Import a Car only if the the time that passed from the production date and the import date is not more than two years/30 years had passed since production).4 month ago it was already on the roads and I am happy for him as he is a very nice guy(I don't know how he managed to get it in but that is none of my business (; )
    @LuxurySpottings,Thank you!The owner is not a Russian,as far as I know he is a businessman and visits Russia once in a while and that's how he got his hands on this one.

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    JACK888 Turin Spotter  -  12-10-2017 om 19:12

    Awesome spot,interesting find!

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    superfast  -  12-10-2017 om 22:44

    Thanks Jack :)

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    Horse-Power  -  20-10-2017 om 03:02

    @superfast Hi Ariel a huge congrats on receiving a SOTD with this rare German girl. Spotting as a hobby has so many rewards and by reading your story it makes every spotter excited about the their next catch.

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    superfast  -  21-10-2017 om 14:24

    @Horse-Power,car spotting is a hobby that never gets old and that is what so special about it,there will always be interesting cars to spot and the adrenaline and element of surprise like here,makes it really fun too :) ,one of the best hobbies out there to try,even if you are not a car guy.

  9. Dit is niet ok

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