Spotter Hoosier_Exotics2016 monroecountycars
Gespot in Bloomington (IN), United States of America
Datum 18-04-2021 02:49

(6/7/2020) Didn’t really see anything today, so I decided to post this. My friend and I saw this awesome Porsche 911 GT3 last summer cruising down College Mall while on a bike ride. This spec looks so sick! I’ve been waiting to post this spot. I’m so glad I could get this to upload after resizing the photos and formatting this. Probably one of my top spots from 2020.

Auto details

Topsnelheid 318 km/u
Acceleratie 0-100 km/u 3.40 s
Vermogen 500 pk
Koppel 460 Nm @ 6000 rpm
Gewicht 1505 kg

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Jjrivero  -  18-04-2021 om 05:18

    Excellent catch! I would love to spot another GT3. Haven't caught one since last summer...

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Horse-Power  -  18-04-2021 om 13:29

    She looks gorgeous, John. Well done, buddy.

  3. Dit is niet ok

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