Spotter HAWK
Gespot in Warsaw, Poland
Datum 01-11-2020 00:00

A piece of London in Warsaw. Of course I'm joking, it's Polish. Anyway, out of over ten 918s spotted in my life, this one is the best, so far... And the most beautiful 918 is spotted in my town. Remarkable.

Auto details

Topsnelheid 340 km/u
Acceleratie 0-100 km/u 2.60 s
Vermogen 887 pk
Koppel 1273 Nm @ 9150 tpm
Gewicht 1640 kg

Aantal reacties op deze spot

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    MercedesFreak  -  04-11-2020 om 00:22

    Oh damn, these shots are amazing! I do like this spec as well.

  2. Profile pic
    cross74  -  01-11-2020 om 20:34

    Whaou !!!

  3. Profile pic
    HAWK  -  01-11-2020 om 10:04

    Yes, it was reuploaded because the driver asked me to cover the visible faces in the pics

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    hardstyler  -  01-11-2020 om 08:35

    Incredible spec! And what an amazing amount of 918's! I'm still waiting for my first. Haven't I seen these photos before on AG?

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    tk97  -  01-11-2020 om 01:11

    Amazing spot

  6. Dit is niet ok

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