Spotter DeJong32
Gespot in London, United Kingdom
Datum 02-07-2019 22:44

Auto details

Topsnelheid 360 km/u
Acceleratie 0-100 km/u 3.30 s
Vermogen 730 pk
Koppel 1100 Nm @ 2600 rpm
Gewicht 1350 kg

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    HUNGARY MercedesFreak  -  02-07-2019 om 23:00

    One Pagani is boring, two is awesome !! London...yeah a great city that never disappoint someone who comes there for the supercars, hypercars and luxurycars.

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    ROMANIA DeJong32  -  02-07-2019 om 23:48

    @MercedesFreak Well you know, that's why i came here in London, to live, for all the supercars you can see in the streets... Omg France was too annoying

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    HUNGARY MercedesFreak  -  03-07-2019 om 08:16

    And you are originally from Romania?

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    ROMANIA DeJong32  -  03-07-2019 om 09:02

    @MercedesFreak nope, My girlfriend is Romanian

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    UNITED KINGDOM dandude999  -  03-07-2019 om 09:42

    Incredible Spot! : D

    I saw this yesterday and was hoping to get the first spot lmao! Congratulations on getting it though lol! ( ;


  6. Dit is niet ok

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