Spotter ferrari250gto UKRAINE ddimcars
Gespot in Birmingham, United Kingdom
Datum 25-09-2016 11:29

My first spot from Birmingham is this wonderful Noble spotted near a campus of Aston University.

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    NETHERLANDS Crispijn  -  29-09-2016 om 17:01

    What a great car to start with, especially since they are so rare outside of the U.K.

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    UKRAINE ferrari250gto  -  30-09-2016 om 01:14

    @Crispijn Birmingham is in the UK :) But yeah, quite a nice start

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    NETHERLANDS Crispijn  -  30-09-2016 om 08:33

    @ferrari250gto Yes, I know :) I meant it like, because these cars are so rare outside of the U.K., having a very small chance to see one, it is great to start your spotting time in Nothingham with one.

  4. Dit is niet ok

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