Spotter olivierlessard CANADA
Gespot in Boucherville (QC), Canada
Datum 05-06-2017 16:22

900th spot and 900th first spots !!! It's my third time reuploading this car because the owner keep doing changes on it. Renntech tuned and A HUGE WING. Follow me on IG --> @olivierlessphoto

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    NETHERLANDS Alexander599  -  05-06-2017 om 20:24

    Ow jeezus what a car..

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    NETHERLANDS OJ  -  05-06-2017 om 22:26

    Why is it Renntech when there is a Carlsson kit?

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    NETHERLANDS OJ  -  05-06-2017 om 22:27

    Nvm, I see it's a mixture

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    POLAND zs  -  06-06-2017 om 20:15

    Poor AMG :(

  5. Dit is niet ok

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