Gespot in Geneva, Switzerland
Datum 05-03-2019 22:11

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    ESTONIA Shadowphotography  -  05-03-2019 om 23:06

    looks ugly really

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2spotter  -  05-03-2019 om 23:26

    i actually will agree with you on this one. it doesn't look all that great...

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    SAN MARINO hardstyler  -  06-03-2019 om 10:51

    What an incredible find even though this is for GIMS.

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    NETHERLANDS Hulaucarphotography  -  06-03-2019 om 13:25

    I'm confused with the new rule. Does this not get considered as a camping spot? Since everyone knows these cars will come to geneva while the GIMS is happening.

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    SWITZERLAND TFA  -  06-03-2019 om 14:14

    To clarified, I have spotted this car on an open road moving with it own engine.

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    FRANCE BPE  -  06-03-2019 om 21:16

    Nice shoot

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    NETHERLANDS OJ  -  08-03-2019 om 17:20

    You hit the nail on the head my friend

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    BELGIUM Thomaserati  -  10-03-2019 om 11:02

    Insane spot!

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    POLAND HAWK  -  24-03-2019 om 14:05

    Wow, sooo ugly... but still a great find!

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    FRANCE #ABTRS3  -  31-05-2019 om 07:54

    This car is very ugly

  11. Dit is niet ok

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