Spotter jersay69
Gespot in Paris, France
Datum 24-12-2017 16:58

The owner went shoping for Christmas in one of the streets where all luxury shops in Paris are. That's awesome and a bit of a show...

Auto details

Topsnelheid 341 km/u
Acceleratie 0-100 km/u 2.90 s
Vermogen 720 pk
Koppel 770 Nm @ 5500 RPM
Gewicht 1322 kg

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    FRANCE Enzo112  -  24-12-2017 om 17:23

    Crazy find !! Amazing color and great pics as always !!
    Merry Christmas !

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    HUNGARY ShaytonSky  -  24-12-2017 om 17:46

    Insane spot bro, incredible configuration, maybe the best I have seen on the 720S so far. Merry Christmas!

  3. Profile pic
    FRANCE jersay69  -  24-12-2017 om 19:34

    @ Enzo112 @ ShaytonSky
    Thanks guys!! I agree with you ShaytonSky the spec on this one was incredible!
    Merry Christmas to you guys and everybody else!!

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    SpecialAutomobiles  -  24-12-2017 om 20:38

    Looks great in yellow. Merry Christmas all!

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    BELGIUM yannick-m.  -  25-12-2017 om 19:24


  6. Profile pic
    xcke  -  26-12-2017 om 16:43

    ... and park it where it's not allowed...

  7. Dit is niet ok

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