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Gespot in Overland Park (KS), United States of America
Datum 02-09-2020 05:40

Traded his 650S Spider for this Kermit green 675LT. Pretty awesome car, and I finally spotted a LT! We have a grey one in town as well, but never was able to spot it.

Auto details

Topsnelheid 330 km/u
Acceleratie 0-100 km/u 2.90 s
Vermogen 675 pk
Koppel 497 Nm @ 7100 tpm
Gewicht 1230 kg

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Jjrivero  -  02-09-2020 om 05:59

    Awesome spot and car! Lovely shots and spec! Great upgrade too!

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    NETHERLANDS hardstyler  -  02-09-2020 om 06:07

    These are amazing! Especially in a bright color like this green one. Awesome find!

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    NETHERLANDS thomcarspotter  -  02-09-2020 om 08:19

    That's an awesome upgrade! Great spot!

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA NCspotter  -  02-09-2020 om 18:03

    Great spot! I have never seen one of these in person before.

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    NETHERLANDS LucasH  -  03-09-2020 om 11:52

    Really cool find! The LT's are very rare here

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    NETHERLANDS jasper1  -  03-09-2020 om 20:56

    So cool! I managed to spot a 675LT spider in this color in Monaco a few years ago, they look so good! Congrats on your SOTD!

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    NETHERLANDS daciafanboy  -  17-10-2020 om 20:38

    Finally they spotted my dream car in the right color!

  8. Dit is niet ok

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