Spotter zs
Gespot in Szczecin, Poland
Datum 20-12-2020 18:49

Auto details

Topsnelheid 315 KM/U
Acceleratie 0-100 KM/U 4.00 s
Vermogen 519 HP
Koppel 590 Nm @ 8000 rpm
Gewicht 1550 KG

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    HUNGARY MercedesFreak  -  20-12-2020 om 20:58

    Awesome find! I've seen this one more than 10 years ago in The Netherlands.

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    NETHERLANDS hardstyler  -  21-12-2020 om 11:36

    So it has been exported to Poland. And the guy is now driving around with a frauduleus Dutch license plate. Makes it even a more interesting find.

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    POLAND zs  -  21-12-2020 om 13:59

    So it's a very popular car, but it's not in Poland, he was just passing through :)

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    NETHERLANDS Hulaucarphotography  -  21-12-2020 om 14:11

    Even though he is just passing trough, the car has been exported from The Netherlands, which makes the license plate false. It has not been registered since 2017...

  5. Dit is niet ok

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