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Gespot in Kansas City (MO), United States of America
Datum 29-11-2013 05:48

Happy Black Friday, great American tradition :) So here are three black on black great American cars. Spotted this car in two different places.

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    CZECH REPUBLIC daweRS  -  29-11-2013 om 09:55

    Nice beast!

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    AUSTRIA CCX  -  29-11-2013 om 14:14

    Sick Mustang!

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    SpeedPatrol  -  29-11-2013 om 15:33

    darth vader's car

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    NETHERLANDS Bas.  -  01-12-2013 om 12:54

    Wow, your spots are awesome!

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA OPspotters  -  02-12-2013 om 07:19

    Thanks Bas!

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    NETHERLANDS lyon1845  -  15-12-2013 om 12:04

    Wow, is he driving with slicks? Cool spot and loooking Mustang.

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    NETHERLANDS Jv  -  15-12-2013 om 13:30

    Pic's 7-10 is an other car with slicks

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA OPspotters  -  16-12-2013 om 16:46

    @Jv: Same car, different locations. Owner takes the car to the track during the summer and participates in drag racing. This car has a lot more HP than the standard GT500 and has been modified. The hood is a replica of a Super Snake for extra air intake. The owner also removed the two vents on top the hood.

  9. Dit is niet ok

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