Spotter mikecars22 mikecarrozzopics
Gespot in Mantova, Italy
Datum 23-12-2021 18:29

A very strange sight! In fact, this is one of the very first mules of the Purosangue, a highered GTC4 Lusso, that they used before the usual Levante with the camouflage. See it in Mantova is also a strange thing! Maybe they're testing the last things before the presentation of the final car

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    ITALY mikecars22  -  23-12-2021 om 19:38

    Spotted on 20/12/21

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    GERMANY Linus.spots.supercars  -  03-01-2023 om 07:37

    I'm sorry, but this is an Gtc4 Lusso

  3. Dit is niet ok

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