Spotter funspotter
Gespot in Ascona, Switzerland
Datum 01-01-2019 20:05

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    OJ  -  01-01-2019 om 20:57

    This is a custom 456. It has a different diffuser and 550-style headlights. Also the air intakes. There is very little known on this car but it's almost certain a one-off.

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    Lego and Supercar  -  01-01-2019 om 21:34

    Great find

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    yannick-m.  -  02-01-2019 om 10:40

    This one is tuned by Novitec.

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    OJ  -  02-01-2019 om 13:32

    @yannick-m. how do you know? Novitec never made a kit for it and the Novitec wheels that are on this one are newer than the 456.

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    Spyros PETS  -  03-01-2019 om 14:44

    If she is a Novitec Rosso, an extremely rare find.

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    SpecialAutomobiles  -  03-01-2019 om 15:10

    Wow, nice find. Customized by a tuner that was not very well known yet at the time of this car.

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    PcArzenal  -  03-01-2019 om 17:57


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    funspotter  -  03-01-2019 om 19:29

    the sticker on the back:
    " Autotechnik Chur"

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    LironBain  -  24-06-2019 om 21:35

    rare spot, voted for the spot of the month

  10. Dit is niet ok

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