Spotter FilipG99 SERBIA bhp_junkie
Gespot in Subotica, Serbia
Datum 09-11-2017 16:02

My friend asked why do you take pictures of a regular a8 :)

Auto details

Topsnelheid 250 km/u
Acceleratie 0-100 km/u 4.10 s
Vermogen 520 pk
Koppel 650 Nm @ 1700 tpm
Gewicht 1965 kg

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    ITALY Franciacorta Supercars  -  09-11-2017 om 19:53

    'regular', it seems no regular lol, how can he thinks it's a normal one

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    SERBIA FilipG99  -  09-11-2017 om 22:19

    well to him every audi is the same beside the r8 he thinks that rs/s is common @Franciacorta Supercars

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    GREECE Spyros PETS  -  11-11-2017 om 22:48

    More than two years ago, I've spotted an RS4 Avant B5, and the guys that were with me were surprized that this was spot-worthy. I'm talking about this one:

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    SERBIA FilipG99  -  23-11-2017 om 20:14

    I dont spot old cars,so i couldn't tell aswell @Spyros PETS

  5. Dit is niet ok

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