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Gespot in Charlotte (NC), United States of America
Datum 07-11-2018 05:12

This is how you Rock The Ride, as the sign says. First and only Ariel Atom I've spotted on the streets so far. Found this parked beside a bar right off of Central Ave in the Plaza Midwood area earlier this year. The lighting was really tough but I did the best I could, looks like it would be a really fun toy when the weather is right.

Auto details

Topsnelheid 230 km/u
Acceleratie 0-100 km/u 5.60 s
Vermogen 245 pk
Koppel 210 Nm @ 6100 tpm
Gewicht 456 kg

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    Horse-Power  -  07-11-2018 om 10:35

    @NCspotter That first shot is just STUNNING, Nick. All the pics turned out awesome, brother A few years ago I had a chance to drive one of these at Atlanta Motorsport Park, but I passed on it. I may never get another chance!

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    Gsp.cars_  -  07-11-2018 om 17:34

    SICK DUDE! nice job

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    NCspotter  -  07-11-2018 om 21:01

    @Horse-Power thanks man! That's unfortunate to hear you weren't able to drive one of these, but hopefully another one will present itself to you! @Gsp.cars_ thanks buddy!

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    thomcarspotter  -  07-11-2018 om 21:29

    That's an awesome spot! To spot such a car on the regular road, so cool! Very nice pictures aswell!

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    NCspotter  -  08-11-2018 om 00:11

    @thomcarspotter thanks man! Certainly not a common sight on the streets here!

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    OPspotters  -  08-11-2018 om 03:39

    Wow! Awesome spot and great night my vote for tonight.

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    NCspotter  -  08-11-2018 om 05:05

    @OPspotters wow thanks man! Wish I had the time to do as much spotting now as I used to, but work comes first lol.

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    Horse-Power  -  11-11-2018 om 10:53

    @NCspotter Hi Nick. A huge congrats for a well deserved SOTD brother! This spot, and those night shots are just awesome.

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    NCspotter  -  12-11-2018 om 01:38

    @Horse-Power thanks buddy! I did catch another exotic a couple of nights ago, and I got quite a few good night shots.

  10. Dit is niet ok

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